Different map - searchable by zip code

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Different map - searchable by zip code

Post Number:#1  Postby john_bud » Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:14 pm


Our CC instructor keeps his alum in the loop of CC items. He forwarded a map that shows places that are OK with guns and those that are against them. The map is national in scope but searchable either by clicking or entering an address or just a zip code. Only played with it a wee bit, but it looks interesting.

What are your thoughts?



p.s. - I did run this by Scott before posting in case you were wondering!

Been playing with the map a bit. It's VERY simple to add places. Just enter the zip code, business name and hit search. I think it does a yellow pages search or google map search (or similar). Then you click the correct place on the map and do your review. Pro, neutral or con and a short write up.
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Different map - searchable by zip code



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