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Post Number:#1  Postby bforney » Thu Sep 01, 2011 7:10 pm

There has been some discussion on this and Instructors need to know about this information. Got some of this information from a friend and training counselor and am passing it along. I have modified it slightly to apply more to Wisconsin.

The issue is placing your NRA instructor number on the certificate you issue to people that attend your permit class if it is NOT an NRA class. I am changing my certificate as a result of some communication I have had with Mark Richardson of NRA HQ.

The issue is that when placing the NRA instructor number on the certificate, we (the NRA instructors) need to also include a disclaimer that the class was NOT an NRA class. I know that some NRA instructors in Iowa have had this brought to their attention by the NRA, so I want to be sure no one else gets "in trouble".

We are faced with an interesting dichotomy, where the the issuing authority wants some proof of your NRA instructor status, but the NRA does not want there to be any, even far remote, possibility that the class had any NRA approval.

On my certificate now, in type as big as the largest type on the form, I add the following disclaimer:

NOTE: I am providing my NRA instructor number as a courtesy to the Wisconsin Department of Justice, so that it is easier for them to ascertain that I have one of the statutory credentials to conduct this Concealed Carry License course. This class was NOT an NRA sanctioned class, and the NRA had no responsibility or input in the conduct or content of the class.

This is something that should have been stressed harder in the instructor classes; aqain, you can not use any indication of your NRA instructor status that might remotely suggest that the class you conducted was sanctioned by or approved by the NRA. In fact, if you create a flyer (advertising) for the class, the disclaimer must be in type at least as big as the type used for the title on the flyer.

Any questions, contact the Training Counselor that conducted your instructor class.

I have seen quite a bit of things lately that individuals are saying something like "NRA approved" or something similar and that will not fly with them. If instructors are teaching an NRA course it has to stick to the NRA quidelines. In an official NRA course instructors are not supposed to talk of laws, even in Personal Protection Outside the Home they are required to have an attorney or law enforcement give the section on laws.

One of my certifications that allows me to teach, again a course of my own design, is having a instructor certification from the NRA but the NRA has nothing to do with my course. Just make sure that that is clear.
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