The Automatic Pistol by J B L Noel

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The Automatic Pistol by J B L Noel

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The Automatic Pistol by J B L Noel is a "must have" in this man's opinion. Written in 1919 it is essentially the curriculum developed by Capt Noel to teach combat pistol techniques to the Royal Machine Gun Corps, prime users of the handgun in the British army at that time.

I was shocked to find just about everything we have discussed here and at ICCF in this book, albeit the verbiage is different.

Among other items I found (these are from my forum) Guantes' Trigger squeeze draw, 7677's Sight Continuum, the zipper, and much more. everything Fairbairn, Sykes, Applegate and the others touted is in this book...

From Paladin Press for $3.50...yes, I said $3.50 - The Automatic Pistol


The Automatic Pistol
by J B L Noel, with a foreward by Timothy J Mullin

This is a sale title offered at 75% off the regular price. Buy now while supplies last.

Find out why the automatic pistol has been the overwhelmingly preferred choice of practical handgun shooters for close to 100 years. This hard-to-find classic book, written by one of the great adventurers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, is one of the earliest tutorials ever published on the semiauto pistol's effective use on the battlefield and for self-defense.

In this faithful reprint of The Automatic Pistoloriginally published in 1919, J.B.L. Noel draws upon his experience as a veteran of the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in World War I and his service as a small arms shooting instructor for the British military to pass on battle-honed techniques for shooting an automatic pistol quickly and accurately in combat. His instruction specifically covers some of the greatest handguns of all time, including the .45 Colt Automatic Government Model, .455 Webley-Scott and 9mm Luger Parabellum, providing lessons on the vital importance of good trigger control, snapshooting at moving targets with and without the sights, shooting at close range and in the dark, and rapid fire under combat conditions. He even gives detailed plans for the construction of lifelike moving targets to simulate the actions of enemy combatants.

In his foreword, noted firearms author T.J. Mullin calls Noel one of the greatest practitioners of the effective use of the modern handgun, making this book as timely today as when it first appeared in 1919. Noel's remarkable book reflects the thoughts, theories and experiences of a man who had used his methods in the no-man's-land of France and seen his teachings used by thousands more. Now available in an exclusive reprint edition, The Automatic Pistol belongs in the library of every pistol shooter and historian.

Closeout item - Reduced price while supplies last. Order NOW!

Timothy J. Mullin is a former infantry officer in the U.S. Army and deputy U.S. marshall. He is a life-long gun aficionado and fervent defender of the Second Amendment. His well-regarded series on combat weapons also includes volumes on handguns and rifles.
It has been said that Fairbairn learnt much from this book, assuming he read it. "Assuming" is correct however, there is such a thing as simultaneous independent development. The classic example of simultaneous independent development is the jet engine. In the 1930's, Frank Whittle, Hans von Ohain, and Secondo Campini/Luigi Stipa, Great Britain, Germany, and Italy respectively, all developed jet engines unbeknownst to each other.

I don't know when F&S worked out their PSing program. STL wasn't published until the war nonetheless, I know they were teaching this material to the SMP long before that.

If this is a clue; the preface from STL...note that,
contrary to WEF detractors, he clearly states he isn't the originator of these basic techniques...

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The Automatic Pistol by J B L Noel



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